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Never quite sure who I know needs book recommendations.

I've had people say similar things to me about projects I'm working on, I often attribute it to a culture of clout chasing and a fundamental lack of understanding of how the web was and is still built.

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An excellent human rights NGO just told me they "removed the RSS feed since this technology became obsolete"?!

Subscribing to website updates directly + not via social media is crucial to resisting surveillance capitalism. RSS still does that, need an RSS fightback!


Can I get some recommendations for websites people like to read regularly? I'm transitioning to and refreshing my collected RSS feeds.

FYI, if you're using (or similar) on with something like and happen to rename a note by changing the title case Android will conveniently delete the note for you. (It's Android's fault, not Obsidian's or Syncthing's.)

observation: I think staff/faculty are often Valor and students are often Instinct.

It is shocking to me the amount of time people in Higher Ed spend googling themselves and agonizing over their ranking.

I edited the quote. Using "dubious distinction" is a distinction most dubious.

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Louise and Martine have the distinction of being the oldest sex workers in Amsterdam. The 74-years-olds have accrued more than a century in the trade between them and are estimated to have pleasured some 355,000, greater than the population of Iceland.

I really want to like Netflix's Fear Street 1994 (part one), but I'm the kind of person who knows Calibri wasn't released in the 90s.

Having a terrible late-night thought. Could you use and the DataView plugin to make a CRM?

In other news, water is wet despite the fact some people think it's dry and some people think it's a government conspiracy.

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