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I edited the quote. Using "dubious distinction" is a distinction most dubious.

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Louise and Martine have the distinction of being the oldest sex workers in Amsterdam. The 74-years-olds have accrued more than a century in the trade between them and are estimated to have pleasured some 355,000, greater than the population of Iceland.

I really want to like Netflix's Fear Street 1994 (part one), but I'm the kind of person who knows Calibri wasn't released in the 90s.

Having a terrible late-night thought. Could you use and the DataView plugin to make a CRM?

In other news, water is wet despite the fact some people think it's dry and some people think it's a government conspiracy.

I'm trying to track down something I probably bookmarked but I've lost. It was some examples of Google and probably NYT (it could've been someone else) using GitHub to host visualizations and iframes to embed them elsewhere. Anyone familiar with what I'm talking about?

Struggling with work . Haven't been able to take vacation in a year, at boss' request. Have to work in an arm brace and sleep in a different arm brace. I told boss if I have to go to physical therapy, for the 2nd time, I'll have to quit. I was accused of making threats. I'm not sure what to do. Looking for another job, like more than a handful in my office, but I'm afraid I'm doing permanent damage and won't find opportunities elsewhere after taking time to recuperate. Just venting I guess.

I (badly) wrote a little something about WordPress plugins and higher ed, for those that need some recommendations.

Despite using since before Google bought it I've always been skeptical of people's accounts of Waze miraculously saving them in the clutch. Until today, when Waze routed me around a traffic jam cause by construction while I was on my way to get a COVID vaccine.

"Never allow anyone to be humiliated in your presence. Whatever has happened in the past, we must deal with those who are here now."

Started a webring for the University of Michigan School of Information community as a pandemic project. Submissions open .

The thing about dogs chasing cars is, when the dog catches the car it doesn't know what to do. The dog doesn't think that far ahead.

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