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Quote: "It was something to behold: GOP challengers were literally mistaking their own uncertainty or lack of knowledge about the process with voter fraud and worker malfeasance."

One of the terrible things about having an election after months of pandemic is that comfort food is no longer a comfort as you watch your country slowly slide into autocracy.

I'd like to try public and I've been eyeing Foam, Dendron, and Obsidian. I'd really like to use Obsidian, but publishing on someone else's infrastructure is a deal breaker. I'm considering Foam, as they already have a basic export to eleventy example.

I'm thinking of building an profile block plugin for Wordpress. I'm not sure how robust their API infrastructure is, my first instinct is to try pulling profile data in the browser so it's always up to date but I'm not sure if they could handle the traffic or not.

When we started to see this activity on the great lakes (2 years ago?) there was a loud complaint that those of us who were alarmed were worrying too much. Supposedly we had seen this before and supposedly it would go away.

No, I'm not paying $9 a month to maybe be successful at this idea.

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Is there a easy way to turn a static site into a physical book? I keep thinking about using eleventy to host a family recipe site and then printing it to give to my older family members...

Desperately waiting for codespaces over at GitHub, I really want to try a codespaces + eleventy digital garden. (Though I may be disappointed by the mobile experience.)

Just re-launched a side project. For discovering inclusive spaces for gaming and communities welcoming of diverse gender identities:

Hey! Are you going to support soon? CC via


Uh, Are you planning to support soon? Supported in Safari (12+), Firefox (26+) even EdgeHTML (38+) Photoshop, Illustrator - but not Chrome


But maybe I'm using WP as an excuse to avoid starting on some nerdy small web jamstack projects I've conceptualized but haven't executed on because I'm not sure they're resume material

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wondering about my future at my current job and whether or not it's the career I though it'd be, thinking about just doing better shit on my nights/weekends while I tread water which might include trying my hand at a full professional WP theme and some weird plugins

Quote: "More than 80% of the 10,600 absentee ballots rejected in Michigan’s August primary election were due to signature verification issues or because they arrived to clerks’ office after election day."

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