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Just updated the site for the first time in awhile. We gained and

Responsive images aren't ready yet but I don't care right now, got them working and it's mostly config now thanks to's work so I'll just leave them for later. Also is useful in an era when you don't leave the house, right?

Intimacy vs scale, what economies might look like post pandemic:

Probably difficult for some/many in the middle-class to come to terms with but how this could be surprising with the inevitable progression from trickle-down economics is beyond me.

if you're currently trying to get yourself responsive images in automatically I'd heartily recommend

Just a reminder that this album exists and it's a crime that Death isn't a household name, especially in Detroit. Darlings of southern gothic post-punk, critically underrated. (And maybe incredibly relevant at the moment.)

I'm using I've redefined markdown-it to use markdown-it-footnote, but I'd like to use eleventy-img too. I think changing the markdown library disables the LiquidJS preprocessing. Any suggestions how I might get both?

Does anyone know if there's a safe mobile option to edit Zettlr files? (With something like Joplin + SyncThing maybe?) I'd like to try Zettlr but I'd need to have some mechanism for slipping in some notes on mobile occasionally.

"I have rape-colored skin. My light-brown-blackness is a living testament to the rules, the practices, the causes of the Old South."

Watching a lot of my local protests, it often seems more about locals just wanting to (and sometimes being seen) than actually ensuring their efforts are helping anyone or making change.

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