Any suggestions on an alternative to #Cloudflare for an #indieweb project?

I'm running a little thing that's hosted on home internet and we put CF in front of it for caching and security. Looking to move to something with better politics but not sure what that is for this use-case.

This was a wallpaper I did for an contest for on like Google Circles or something like that. I did not win. I am still bothered by not wining, but I don't play Ingress anymore so whatevs.

I had a library of sprays I made that were the onomatopoeia speech bubbles from the classic Adam West Batman TV show. I can't seem to find them now. They had a transparent background. I used to purposefully put them up against other people's more adult sprays.

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This cow with the purple wings was from an entry for an online poster competition. I think it was out of Australia. I didn't win.

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This was a poster I made for just slipping into places, wheatpasting, etc. It was going to be an ever ongoing series under the moniker "some other signal".

I made these to use as wallpaper for our desktop, some of this I did by hand I think and then some is like an action maybe and there are definitely some brushes in there

this was like a forum avatar I made for myself and a splash screen that I made for our PC back in the day when they took a bit to startup

I got curious about an old old old old old CD I know was a backup I made of stuff I did as a kid. Now were going to look at icons, wallpaper, etc I made learning PS7.

Deleting some links out of my account: vintage title screen inspiration

I've spent the last 40 minutes trying to get a bat out of the house. Now I'm going to spend the next 40 wondering if it was alone.

“The shifting baseline syndrome is the situation in which over time knowledge is lost about the state of the natural world, because people don’t perceive changes that are actually taking place.”

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