is a fundamental technology, it precedes so many important things we take for granted on so many levels. Not the least of which are security and privacy; at home, at school, on main street, industry, etc etc.

The dev of TTV Stream (, an unofficial (working) channel for , just opened a Patreon to support the continued the development of the project. (I neeeed this to not go away, as doesn't care about TV screens.)

On the industry in and losing the global . Speaking as someone who grew up in a northern part of the state, the cherry industry is important both financially and culturally.

ideas I had that my dept probably won't do (which you can steal): students get a figure upon admission and get additional parts for milestones in their academic career

wild guess: Zhat Vash are trying to destroy the thing they hate in themselves - Romulans are synthetic.

ideas I had that my dept probably won't do (which you can steal): Are you a college of engineering? Maybe address populations in your marketing/outreach/etc.

I’m a Top Reader in for 2019! See how many words I read, which articles I saved were popular, and more.

Bloom in Tech, Michigan Vue, Ann Arbor Autonomous Vehicle Group, and Local Sourced Game Development to

Quote - "The demise of local journalism in many areas creates an information vacuum, and raises the chance of success for these influence campaigns."

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