Despite using since before Google bought it I've always been skeptical of people's accounts of Waze miraculously saving them in the clutch. Until today, when Waze routed me around a traffic jam cause by construction while I was on my way to get a COVID vaccine.

"Never allow anyone to be humiliated in your presence. Whatever has happened in the past, we must deal with those who are here now."

Started a webring for the University of Michigan School of Information community as a pandemic project. Submissions open .

The thing about dogs chasing cars is, when the dog catches the car it doesn't know what to do. The dog doesn't think that far ahead.

I tended not to put too much stock in the comparisons of modern empires and Rome until I watched a modern day Nero fiddle while Rome burned.

ideas I had that my dept probably won't do (which you can steal): try bucking the US News and World Report rankings by aggregating various research altmetrics

Quote: "It was something to behold: GOP challengers were literally mistaking their own uncertainty or lack of knowledge about the process with voter fraud and worker malfeasance."

One of the terrible things about having an election after months of pandemic is that comfort food is no longer a comfort as you watch your country slowly slide into autocracy.

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